95 Days of Summer – Orlando, Fl

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This summer I started a little project. It began one evening when my daughter and husband were playing in the pool. I had just gotten home and had my camera handy so, I started to click away as he tossed her up in the air. She was SO happy and so was he.

When I sat down at my computer and began to view the photos, I realized how incredibly special they were. These were those moments that one day I would look back and realize had just passed us right by. Those little in between the big stuff moments. That is when I decided to document our 95 days of summer. Within these 95 days I knew our daughter would turn three years old, we would visit Colorado, North Carolina, and wherever else our summer took us, or didn’t take us at all.

As summer is coming to an end, I have been reflecting on what this project has meant to me. It has meant much more than I could have initially imagined. Although I always try to take life in and be present, there were moments that I did not realize I would one day miss. Like the way she drops every single book on the floor while choosing the right one to read, or the way she prefers to sleep on the floor most nights and gets upset when the dog tries to steal her blanket, the pictures on her blue bedroom walls that I chose because I thought they would make her feel happy, how we spent every rainy day outside, and how I realized she rarely wears more than underwear every… single… day. These little things matter to me, I want to remember them!

So, I wanted to share this project and hopefully just inspire someone else to try, even if just for 10 days. Train yourself to stop what you are doing and just snap a quick shot of whatever is happening. It could be calm or complete chaos. Some of these photos today may seem boring or uneventful. But, I promise one day they will mean the most.

Day 1 – This is a serious work out, but the amount of giggles it creates makes it totally worth it. “Again, Again, Again, one more time!”
dad and daughter in the poolDay 2 –  Although this is day 2 of summer, we have actually spent about 3 weeks straight in our pool. This year the pool has been significantly more popular than the passed summers.
95 days of summerDay 3 – “Posicles” are a daily request lately, and how do you say no to a kitty cute as this one? My favorite is when she is so focused on pushing it up more to eat that she goes cross-eyed.girl eating popsicleDay 4 – Today we have to take Maia to her babysitters house. I always knew baths were not her favorite… but the look on her face here is priceless.
dog getting a hose bath

Day 5 – We arrived in Miami for my husbands 40th birthday celebration, today. There were 20 close friends and family attending. I thought I would get some really fun shots. But, it turns out in the early morning hustle of leaving our house I did remember my camera… but not my camera battery. So, I figured it is better to have something rather than nothing, right? Right. Cell Phone Photo > Nothingcell phone photo miamiDay 6 – Another day in Miami and a visit to Key Biscane… a beautiful place, and another cell phone picture to remember it.

Day 7 – Back home from our trip to Miami. The whole ride home it rained, and all we heard was “can I play in the rain?”. We said of course as long as it is not lighting. We get home… and it stops raining! Turns out a sprinkler can be just as fun.
girl playing with umbrella
Day 8 – Today we had a tea party. These little garden friend will probably sit here another two weeks until one day Kiley walks outside and no longer feels the need to offer more tea.

toddler girl having tea party with friends

Day 9 – Went out for a walk in our neighborhood this evening. I was told she is ‘Ariel’s sister’ and she was using her magic wand to gather flowers for me ‘Ariel’s mom’._JMP7184

Day 10 – I have learned succulents are basically the only plants I can keep alive. She always wants to help, and I always find a way to let her._JMP7256

Day 11 – Today we are heading to “Nawth Colina”. We arrived at my sisters house, who we are traveling with and just killing time until my sister gets off of work.

orlando family photographers

Day 12 –  We finished the second leg of our trip to our families house in NC today… with an extra 2.5 hours thanks to traffic. A lot of pent up energy so these girls decided to dance their pants off for about 45 minutes. Everyone was belly laughing the entire time.
family on the porch

Day 13 – Christmas In July – Downtown West Jefferson, NC. Live Music, Mountains, Magicians, Vendors, Snow Cones & Lemonade.

orlando family photographers

Day 14 – A visit to Grayson Highlands, one of my all time favorite places, for a small hike.  Last visit all of the moms were pregnant, this visit we got to see their new babies. This place is seriously magical._JMP9039

Day 15 – It’s the fourth of July, we are still in NC. We were invited to our families friends Christmas Tree Farm on the river. They have a huge celebration every year. Kiley immediately gravitated to the muddiest area. I resisted initially but gave up. She had a blast.


Day 16 –  This photo was not taken today. It is just another photo to from the trip. My mom was taken to the ER then ICU and this image just makes me feel happy.happy little girl

Day 17 –

Day 18- Not going to lie… I avoided it as long as I could, but this girl is wholeheartedly aboard the Frozen train. I borrowed it for the trip to and from the mountains and she watched it about 12 times. She was SO excited to pick out an Elsa and Anna doll that I decided to bring my camera along._JMP0120

Day 19 –  I didn’t have the heart to leave our dog out of the photo while Kiley plans her next trip to Spain. _JMP0191 copy 2

Day 20 – Our little super hero in her stylish Minnie undies. She ran around the house and jumped off the bed so many times she broke out into a sweat._JMP0229Day 21 – It was even too hot in the sun to be in the pool today, so it was a day filled with a water hose, buckets, dog baths and shade.
_JMP0312 copyDay 22 – A trip to Gatorland is never complete without visiting the aviary. She has a love hate relationship with being covered in birds.
_JMP0486 copyDay 23 – Superhero Kiley came back today and she was killing me more than ever. We took a trip to the park and she told me she needed her came on so she could fight fires with it, then continued to show me how she does so.
_JMP0600 copy

Day 24 – We ran into an old family friends while grabbing pizza in Downtown Winter Garden. She decided to hang with us, and I think it made both of their days.

_JMP0755 copy 2Day 25 – For about two weeks now these have been the sleeping arrangements. _JMP0796 copy

Day 26 – We took a trip to Tampa and decided to stop at a park in Lakeland… it was 102 degrees. We both very much agreed that we needed some ice cream.Day 27 – As if she didn’t love our pool enough. Our evening swim of the summer. _JMP1666 copyDay 28 – This trip to the roller skating rink had very good intentions. But, we quickly learned that just because they carry your shoe size… does not mean you can skate. 🙂_JMP1768 copyDay 29 – Typical… taking turns spying on our neighbors dogs.girl and her boxerDay 30 – Today she caught a bug and is not feeling well at all. But, I could not pass up this sweet photo._JMP1944 copyDay 32 – No photos yesterday, just caring for our sick girl. But, today she requested to lay in daddy’s float in the pool. So, recovery is looking promising. _JMP2032 copyDay 36 – We are jumping to day 36. It was a very rough weekend with Kiley not feeling better, then me catching a bug as well… all while attempting to go to a wedding in Charleston.  But, today we are really feeling like ourselves again and we couldn’t be happier… and neither could Maia 😉_JMP2340 copy Day 37 – Had a laid back day hanging around the house. Kiley found a new way she likes to enjoy her cartoons while eating a snack.girl on barstool Day 39 – She had been looking forward to this Popsicle all day. She knew would not get it until after lunch time… happy camper.girl eating popsicleDay 40 – Met all of the cousins for a trip to Gatorland. It was HOT but we still had a lot of fun.
_JMP2454 copyDay 41 – This summer Kiley finally learned the importance of sunglasses. Now we will be driving around and she will request them “Mom, the sun! My sunglasses!”
toddler raybansDay 42 – Today my parents returned home from NC. We went to visit them at my sisters house and enjoyed a walk and some pool

toddler walking her dog

Day 43 – Took another trip to Gatorland. This time with our next door neighbor. Her and Kiley became friends and one day declared they were “sisters”.
toddler friendsDay 44 – We had a family BBQ at our house today with my mom, dad, niece and nephew. Still enjoying the return of my parents from NC.
toddler eating cornDay 45 – This honestly should be called “the summer of princesses”. If I left it up to Kiley she would be dressed as a princess all day everyday.
little girl princess Day 46 – Just singing Frozen songs in the rain.
minni mouse raincoatDay 47 – Went to play at the park then we went to one of my favorite local trails. We didn’t hike long – the trail quickly turned into a large sandbox.
girl playing in the sandDay 48 – Another family BBQ today! This time my sister from Tampa joined us. A fun day in the pool.
_JMP3304 copyDay 49 – Kiley saw this tiara in my photo prop bag and wanted to try it on, so we had a fun little photo session.
old navy tulle dressDay 50 – Had SUCH a fun day. First ice cream at our favorite joint in Windermere, followed by a trip to the park. We made a lot of new friends on this visit!
playing in the bambooDay 51 – Visited one of my closest friends and she had planned a surprise party for Kiley. Ice cream and Frozen cupcakes. We stayed all day long.
thrid brithday party surpriseDay 52 – We LOVE visiting the Artegon. There are so many fun things to look at, interact with, and eat 🙂 .
_JMP3644 copyDay 53 – Today we arrived in Colorado Springs! There are beautiful wild Sunflowers all around and they made me very happy.toddler with sunflowers Day 54 – Another day exploring Colorado Springs. The one stop I did not want to miss was Garden of the Gods. It did not disappoint. Kiley wanted to go “rock climbing” and her wish came true. Had my husband snap a shot of Kiley and I since I so badly wanted to visit 🙂
mommy and meDay 55 – My favorite shot of the day was this amazing landscape. Sorry, Kiley 😉
garden of the gods colorado springs Day 56 – Headed back home today. Kiley was a trooper on the airplane, although she did learn she gets to run around when she uses the potty.
Day 57- First day at her new Montessori school! There were no tears so we will call it a success.
toddler bath timDay 58 – She loves everything sensory related. So give her some paint and she will go to town… it is always fun to see what she comes up with.
paint play photoDay 59 – After school we took a trip to lunch, the store and followed it up with her favorite ice cream – blue superman.
She was entertaining many, per usual “Hi!! My name is Kiley, what’s your name???”.
eating icecream








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